What is a Terrarium?

  • Terrarium is a type of miniature ecosystem of plants. Many processes take place inside it – like – photosynthesis, respiration and water cycle

How do I maintain it?

  • Very simple maintenance
  • Indirect sunlight daily for 4 hours
  • Please refer to the pic below for watering requirements of open and closed terrariums

Is it indoor or outdoor?

  • It is indoor usage only.

Do they survive for long?

  • Yes, they survive for many years happily.
  • The oldest terrarium recorded so far is 58 years old and belongs to David Latimer

What is the difference between open and closed terrarium?

Why it does not require daily watering?

  • Closed Terrarium: Since it is a closed system, moisture evaporates and circulates inside. As a result, it does not require daily watering.
  • Open Terrarium: Since it contains succulent plants, which are from dry desert habitat, it needs watering once a week.

What is a Tropical Terrarium?

Closed Terrarium is also called as Tropical Terrarium

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